Suspect on stolen scooter tried to elude authorities

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - On June 30th, just after 5:00 pm, Spokane Valley Deputy Hilton saw a street legal scooter being driven on the sidewalk at around 30 mph on Pines, near Main in Spokane Valley.

As the deputy approached the scooter's location, the driver of the scooter, later identified as 39-year-old Travis S. Chuitt, jumped off the curb.

Chuitt looked over his shoulder at Deputy Hilton's patrol car, with its emergency lights activated, and suddenly made a U-turn across the lanes of travel, accelerated and began to flee.

Chuitt turned into a parking lot on the northwest corner of Pines and Sprague and promptly jumped off the scooter and decided to flee on foot.

Deputy Hilton quickly exited his car and warned the suspect that he would have to release K9 Bane is he failed to stop.

Failing to heed the warnings, Deputy Hilton released K9 Bane to apprehend Chuitt.

K9 Bane quickly closed distance but Chuitt dove over a 6” fence to avoid contact with the determined K9 Bane.

Assisting Deputies arrived in the area and began to set up a perimeter.

As Deputy Skye Ortiz arrived in the area, he observed Chuitt hiding behind some vehicles in a car lot.

Not knowing if Chuitt was armed and unable to see his hands, Deputy Ortiz identified himself, drew his sidearm into a low ready position and began ordering Chuitt to show his hands and get on the ground.

After Chuitt refused to follow numerous commands, Deputy Criswell arrived and took the non-compliant Chuitt into custody while Deputy Skye provided cover.

Chuitt denied driving the scooter or having any knowledge it was stolen even though Deputy Hilton positively identified Chuitt as the suspect.

Chuitt was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle, Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle, Resisting Arrest and Obstructing Law Enforcement.