Study: Kids' screen time affecting cognitive function

SPOKANE, Wash. - What are your children doing right now?

Are they looking at a phone? At the computer? Do you know how long they've been doing that?

A new study says that the average child in the United States is spending about 3.6 hours a day on screen time when they should actually be spending two hours or less. The study says spending too much time on screens could have lasting health impacts, but with all the screens around us, keeping that time limited could be a challenge.

Experts say if your kid is spending too much time with screens, you may notice changes in their behavior like increased irritability and aggression. The lasting impacts could be even worse.

"We find that their concentration is off, their memory is not that great and their emotions are off during the day, as well," says Sean Hedrickson, a licensed independent clinical social worker.

An answer to curbing screen time could be right on your phone. With the latest iOS 12 update for the iPhone, you can track how long you've been using the phone. You may also consider using screen time as a reward for your children, rather than an expectation.