Student groups receive checks from STCU for communities

SPOKANE, Wash. - Several regional high school programs were awarded money by STCU as part of the credit union's Hundred Dollar Project which challenges teens to make a difference in their communities. 

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) program at Odessa High School will receive $2,500 to benefit the Odessa Healthcare Foundation. Using $100 in seed money from STCU, students at Odessa raises $1,051 for ingredients to make 553 freezer-ready meals during a cooking party of Thanksgiving break. Those meals were then delivered to Odessa residents. 

Because of their effort, they were voted the overall winner in STCU's Hundred Dollar Project. However, other regional schools were awarded money from STCU, as well.

Cheney High School's FBLA program was awarded $1,500 for purchasing professional clothing and providing help with resumes and job interview training for Cheney residents in need. The students also hosted a fun run that raised $358 toward their cause.

Columbia High School (Pasco, Wash.) students Jade Tunnell and Jackson Yale were awarded $1,000 for their school after collecting 730 pairs of socks after organizing a sock drive at the elementary school, middle school, high school, and library. Those socks were donated to Community Action Collection, a shelter where socks are the most-sought items. 

STCU's Hundred Dollar Project encourages teenagers to "start a movement, launch an innovation, brighten a life or change the world."