Spokane woman gets more than $2,000 from Citibank... and you might, too!

Company to send refunds to 1.75 million people

SPOKANE, Wash. - Keep a close eye on your mail. What may look like a bill from Citibank, could actually be a refund.

One KXLY employee received a check yesterday for $2,019.01.

"I was completely shocked," she told KXLY. "This is a credit card account that has been closed for years. It's not even a card I still have. The letter said Citibank had been charging too much interest on the card for seven years."

As a result of a mistake that Citibank discovered, some cardholders who were eligible for an interest rate reduction didn’t get one. Others people received less of a reduction than they were entitled to.

If you’re going to get a check from Citi, there’s nothing you need to do, a bank spokesperson says. The refund will come automatically in the mail.

Keep your eyes open.

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