Spokane Valley woman arrested for running over, killing her husband

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Spokane County sheriff's deputies have arrested a woman for running over her husband Saturday night after a fight at their home. He died the following day.

Kristy Linerud was booked into jail as Kristy Freeman on charges of vehicular homicide and second degree murder.

According to court documents, Linerud and her husband Michael were attempting to move a dresser into their Spokane Valley home in the 14-hundred block of S Hodges Street Saturday night when, according to Kristy, Michael became angry and threw the dresser down the stairs. Kristy told police she wanted to avoid conflict so she attempted to drive away in her Ford Explorer. She said her husband threw himself on the car from the passenger side. Deputies, however, saw evidence on the car that the impact had been on the driver side front bumper area, placing the victim in front of the car.

In court documents, detectives describe Kristy Linerud as having glassy eyes and slurred speech. She registered a blood alcohol level of .078 more than an hour after the accident.

Michael Linerud died Sunday from his injuries.

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