Spokane Valley to fine residents who don't clear snow from sidewalks

Spokane Valley to fine residents who...

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The City of Spokane Valley is asking for your help to keep sidewalks clear of snow.

If you don't clear your sidewalks, it may cost you.  

For the first time, the City of Spokane Valley will be issuing fines for snow covered sidewalks, with an emphasis in commercial zones and walking routes to schools. 

According to Carolbelle Branch with the City of Spokane Valley, the first and second offense for non-shoveled sidewalks is $52.  A third offense for failing to clear sidewalks rings in at $103.  

"We don't really want to fine folks," said Carolbelle Branch, with the City of Spokane Valley.

"What we really want is for them to go out and clear their sidewalks," said Branch.

This year, the city outfitted snow plows with special blades to prevent snow from pilling up on the sidewalks when clearing streets. 

Branch said city plow crews are watching the forecast very carefully and are fully prepared to respond to whatever Mother Nature brings our way. 

"Tonight, wane have crews out deicing out along the intersections and critical roadways, some hillsides that could be problem areas," said Branch 

If you need help shoveling your sidewalk, there are resources available: call 2-1-1, Catholic Charities at 509-459-6172 or Washington Spokane Mission at 509-924-8932.  Click here for more information on the City of Spokane Valley snow removal plan.