Spokane teachers share heartfelt notes from students

Spokane teachers share heartfelt...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The start of school is a special time for thousands of Spokane students.

And, of course, the teachers who will guide them through the school year.

KXLY 4's Aaron Luna sat down with teachers as they read heartfelt notes from students. Words that drive them to be better each year.

Letters and words are some of the first things we learn in school.

"I hold on to every single one of them," said 5th grade Adam's Elementary teacher Allie Campbell, refering to the letters she's received from her students.

It's not till much later we realize the weight those words can hold.

"I have them all in a folder and I think it's cool," said North Central chemistry teacher, Janet Knight.

Or the meaning two simple words can make.

"'Take this letter to thank you,'" read Knight.

"'Dear, Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Cann. You have made this grade my favorite so far,'" read Campbell.

As these teachers prepare for new students they take a moment to remember former ones.

"Right then, you don't even know their names, they're just these faces," said Knight.

"'It was a strange experience to really struggle in a high school class,'" read Knight.

"You are like my guardian angel, guiding me through 5th grade, supporting me and making the world bright,'" read Campbell.

"'I think we all appreciate how you treat us like adults and not children,'" read North Central High School teacher Camellia Munoz.

"'You were one of the most helpful, teachers who tolerated my need for extra explanation and redundent questions,'" read Knight.

"'You always tell us that you appreciate us but this time I want to tell you, I appreciate you,'" read Munoz.

Messages that fill the hearts of teachers.

"It motivates me just to try harder every single day. There is no off day when you are teaching. You always have to be on," said Campbell.

"They have to want to be in the classroom and more importantly we have to want to be there with them," said Knight.

"This is the reason why I teach," said Munoz.

These words also represent everything that a new year could hold.

"Building those relationships with the kids, that's what it's all about. That's why I do what I do," said Campbell.

"It takes the student the parent and the child, all three have to be invested in that education."

While classrooms wait to be filled with curious minds.

"I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for you,'" read Munoz.

"Chemistry proved to be my most challenging and rewarding class, after your husbands,' my husband also teaches here," said Knight.

Teachers wait to build on an education that started with simple letters and words.

"They want to learn. You know, they really do," said Knight.

"She's going to change the world. I'm pretty sure," said Munoz.

"Thank you for the thrillingly, magical and amazing adventure. Love your enlightened student, Estacia,'" read Campbell.