Spokane settles lawsuit with former employee

SPOKANE, Wash. -  The City of Spokane announced Friday that it has reached a settlement with former Parks and Recreation employee Nancy Goodspeed.

In August of 2016, Goodspeed filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against the City of Spokane, Mayor David Condon and members of his administration.

The lawsuit accused Mayor Condon and his administration of discriminating against Goodspeed when she took time off for brain surgery.  Prior to the surgery, Goodspeed was the community affairs director for the city's Parks and Recreation Department 

Goodspeed's lawsuit claimed when her doctors said she had recovered enough to come back to work, City Hall demoted her to an assistant's position with "limited duties and responsibilities." City Hall didn't think Goodspeed was capable of a 40-hour work week even though her doctors said she was.

Friday, the City of Spokane and Goodspeed issued the following joint statement after reaching a settlement of $165,000: 

“The City of Spokane and Nancy Goodspeed reached an agreement to resolve the lawsuit brought by Ms. Goodspeed. The settlement, which must still be approved by the City Council, is in the best interest of both Nancy Goodspeed and the citizens we serve, and saves the expense of a lengthy court process. While we understand that the need to resolve our differences in the courts has disappointed many citizens, the settlement allows all involved to move forward. The City thanks Nancy for her 9 years of service to the City and community.  The City wishes her the best. Neither party will have any further comment on the matter.”