Spokane residents host teal pumpkin program

SPOKANE, Wash. - Kids are getting excited for trick-or-treating on Tuesday. But, some kids won't get the chance to eat all of that delicious candy due to their food allergies. 

A group of folks in Spokane is working to make sure every kid gets to enjoy trick-or-treating this year even if they have a food allergy.

If you see a teal pumpkin on someone's porch this Halloween, that means that home is part of the teal pumpkin project: a nationwide effort to raise awareness about food allergies and promote inclusion.

If you stop by that home for a treat, you'll find ind things like bubbles, pencils, and stickers.

Holly Robertson lives on the 2-thousandth block of north Stevens street in Spokane.

She's done this in the past and says it's an easy way to help make sure every kid gets to enjoy Halloween. 

“It's super sucky when you get home and your mom has to take all of your candy,” says Holly.

Although she hasn't quite painted her pumpkins teal yet, she says she will and looks forward to seeing some more smiling faces this year.

If you'd like to find out where the teal pumpkin homes are located this interactive map can help you out.