Spokane ranks among the lowest of 130 'Best Cities for Singles'

SPOKANE, Wash. - Bad news for folks looking to find their soulmate before National Single's Day on September 21 – Spokane ranks among the lowest of the 130 ‘Best Cities for Singles,' according to a study from Apartment List.

The study ranks the cities on four metrics:

  • Dating Satisfaction (40%): Weighs how satisfied renters were with dating opportunities.
  • Social Satisfaction (20%): Weighs how satisfied renters were with their social life in the city.
  • Dating Affordability (20%): Compares average prices of movie tickets and three-course meals to median earnings.
  • Percentage of Singles (20%): Takes the number of single people based off Census Bureau data for the city.

Out of 130 cities, Spokane ranked at 118.

Spokane's dating satisfaction percentage was 21%, and the social satisfaction percentage was 45%. Additionally, the city scored low points when it came to date affordability, scoring 8 out of 100 when comparing typical date prices to median earnings.

Lastly, Spokane's ‘percentage of singles score' is at 26 out of 100, a far step above Chandler, Arizona's score of 1, though it is only one rank lower overall.

Rounding out the top of the list is Atlanta GA, Madison WI, Washington DC, Bloomington IN and New Orleans.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the list comprises San Bernardino CA, Bakersfield CA, Anaheim CA, Fayetteville NC and Stockton CA.

Don't let these results get you down, though – if you live in Spokane, you are just a hop, skip and a jump away from #16-ranked Seattle!

You can find the full study on Apartment List's website here.