Spokane Public Schools pull cartons after student finds cleaning material in chocolate milk

SPOKANE, Wash. - A student at Shadle Park High School found a white liquid that appeared to be a cleaning material in her Darigold chocolate milk during first period lunch Tuesday.

The student asked her friend to check her chocolate milk, which also showed a white liquid. The two students took the cartons to the lunch room supervisor. 

Shadle High School officials pulled all cartons of the milk dated February 6 out of the school.

All Spokane Public Schools were notified, although none of the other schools reported seeing any strange substances.

The school district says Darigold is pulling the milk from its distribution. 

The solution is believed to be a cleaning material used by Darigold when it cleans the packaging system between packing different types of milk.

The issue has been reported to the Washington Department of Agriculture, which is the overseeing department. 

The school district believes the number of cartons affected was limited.