Spokane Police Department Race Study

Spokane Police Department race report

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police representatives broke down a 40 page report detailing the SPD and potentially racially motivated contact with citizens Wednesday during a press conference.

"It's the first step of many to come," said former Spokane NAACP President Phil Tyler. "But you have to take that first step in order to get somewhere."

One of the first lines of the report acknowledges that within city limits - minorities do in fact have a higher likelihood of being contacted by Spokane Police Officers.

From there, the natural progression is a "search," potentially followed by an arrest. The data bore out the following:

Likelihood of being searched after initial contact:

Male Civilian (regardless of race)
251% - 256% More Likely
Civilian Race
African American 45% More Likely
Native American 103% More Likely
White Officer (conducting search)
35% - 41% Less Likely
(Minority Officers Are 7.9% of SPD)

Likelihood of being arrested after search:

Civilian Race
African American 49% More Likely
Native American 66% More Likely
Pacific Islander 348% More Likely
White Officer (making arrest)
28% - 35% Less Likely
(Minority Officers Are 7.9% of SPD)

Dr Edward Byrnes of Eastern Washington University had nothing but praise for the cooperation shown by the Spokane Police Department - citing that the study wouldn't have been possible without their commitment to the project.

Captain Arleth was on hand to answer questions from the media, and promised that the proper changes and training would be implemented in the near future.