Spokane man links chunk of concrete to cold case

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane County man says he's lost sleep for the last six years over what he found buried in his backyard. 

Michael Bergam thought he hit a rock in 2011 while digging a septic line for his new house. Instead, it was a large chunk of concrete. 

"It looked like a concrete coffin. That's all I can describe it as. It was very eerie - extremely disturbing," said Bergam. 

He wasn't sure what to make of it - and could not explain how it ended up on his property. Bergam bought the land along 7 Mile Road in 1982. He built a home and started renting it out four years later. 

"If I was getting the rent checks delivered to me, man I left them alone, I didn't come out here," Bergam said. 
But in 2011 he stopped renting and started building a new home - that's when he unearthed the unusual chunk of concrete. 

"I couldn't deal with it at the time and I reburied it next to the foundation of the new house to try and get it out of my mind," Bergam said. 
For the last six years, he hasn't stopped thinking about what could be inside. 
"I was haunted, couldn't sleep," Bergam said. "Just lots of little, what I would call poltergeist things happening on the property. Little things falling down."
Last September he nearly collapsed after seeing a report on TV about cold cases in Spokane county - specifically Julie Weflen. Bergam lives less than a mile from where Weflen vanished in 1987.
After calling Crime Check, investigators with the Spokane County Sheriff's Department interviewed Bergam and brought in an excavator to dig up the object he reburied six years earlier. 
After X-Raying the object and breaking it apart, investigators found nothing inside. Strangely enough, a cadaver dog did hit on a scent - but Deputy Mark Gregory said a dog's nose is never 100 percent accurate. 

"I'm just glad that it's over with. This has just been a relief," Bergam said. 

The Sheriff's Department said they do not plan to search Bergam's property any further.