Spokane International Airport's record season

Spokane International Airport's...

SPOKANE, Wash. - 2017 saw a huge increase in service at Spokane International Airport, which is both good news and bad news for travelers. 

The good news is there's more direct flights than ever before. The bad news is this will be the busiest holiday season ever.

"This will be a record breaking year for Spokane International Traffic," explained Airport CEO Larry Krauter.  "Along with all that good news; additional destinations, additional flight frequencies - we are asking folks to come out a little bit earlier than they normally plan for."

Customers have certainly noticed the larger crowds, but seem to be in good spirits.

Tiffany Nakagawa landed Tuesday to visit her daughter in Cheney and couldn't believe the all the visitors. "It's exciting for Spokane," she said. "I think it's exciting that they're getting all this increased traffic. It's good."

To make sure your Christmas stays merry, you might want to heed some advice from airport professionals:

-Don't pack wrapped presents, as TSA agents will have to unwrap them.

-Check the expiration on your IDs.  Often licenses and passports can expire during your travel
Most importantly, don't be afraid of using the airport's amenities.

"Go through screening, get in and enjoy a beverage and some food before your flight instead of being in a rush," said Krauter.