Spokane crews work to clear streets

SPOKANE, Wash. - The morning after a big, wet snowfall Spokane crews continue to clear the streets of ice and slush. 

Friday morning's commute was helped by warmer temperatures and slush on the road instead of sheets of ice the Lilac City is so accustomed to following large snow fall.

The heavy snow did bring down some branches on roadways across the city that drivers had to deal with.

As the temperature rises into the 30's, Spokane is adjusting its plan of attack.

With rain on the way and freezing temperatures about a week away, the city will deploy plow teams into residential areas and will focus first on hilly areas and locations that received greater snowfall.

Equipment with snow gates will be used in all residential areas to avoid driveway berms.  Crews are working to avoid leaving berms with plowing efforts when they anticipate much of the snow would melt on its own relatively quickly.

Crews will work in residential areas Friday; they have already started in Indian Trail, Five Mile, Grandview/Thorpe, and Latah/Hangman. They will continue that work overnight and through the weekend.

City officials say they’ll continue to plow until it no longer makes sense to do so.  Crews will also be assigned to arterials for deicing and sanding as needed.

Crews will also be working Friday to tree limbs from the public right of way.