Spokane celebrates recovery through Hands Across the Falls

Spokane celebrates recovery through...

SPOKANE, Wash. - There was a stunning show of unity in Spokane Saturday.

Hundreds of people lined the Monroe Street Bridge, joining hand in hand, in support of people in recovery. The Hands Across the Falls event was the first of its kind in Spokane, according to event organizers. 

Bruce Leberman got involved in the event. He's a cancer survivor and was an addict for 35 years.

"I get my six year coin in December," Leberman said.

He was surrounded by the people that help keep him in recovery. They stood together, connected by much more than just their hands. 

"We are here to show people there is a way out of the drug life and into recovery," Leberman said. 

He was there to celebrate his success and to support others on the same road. He was there for people like Aleena and Champhene, who are two young women who have been in recovery for about 66 days. They came to the event with other young women who are part of programs at Daybreak Youth Services. 

"We are here to celebrate every one's recovery and respect how far we are along in our steps and just to keep on moving, you know," Champhene said. 

Aleena echoed those sentiments and emphasized the importance of a strong network of support.

"You're not just alone in this. There are so many people celebrating recovery, all in it together and to support each other," Aleena said. 

And judging by the display on the bridge Saturday, there are a lot of people who care. 

"I really didn't expect that much of a turnout. It was really cool," Aleena said. 

Hands Across the Falls is something both Aleena and Champhene said they'd come back to next year. 

"I'd do it every year. As long as they keep having it, I will be here," Champhene said. 

Immediately after the event, the Recovery Cafe hosted a gathering to bring people together while showing off new renovations completed by the KXLY Extreme Team. 

Hands Across the Falls was put on by Community-Minded Enterprises.