Special March Zag gear at the Zag Shop now!

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you're still in need of some 'Zag swag,' the Zag Shop on Gonzaga's campus has you covered. 

This year, the campus apparel store is featuring shirts that celebrate this being the 20th year in a row the men's team has made it to the NCAA tournament in March.

It's an accomplishment they're not only proud to show off, but one that has business booming.

The Zag Shop says they've had orders from all over the world recently, but nothing beats meeting fellow fans face-to-face. 

“You know, what I've found is that everybody likes to tell their story. Everybody comes in, and they're [maybe] an alumni and they want to tell people about their experiences here, and how they're connected to the Gonzaga tradition,” said Megan Hawley, the store manager of the the Zag Shop. “I love being a place where we can collect those stories." 

If you want to look like the players do during the tournament, the Zag Shop also has the player 'bench tees' in stock, as well as the West Coast Conference champions tees.

You may want to go in soon, or get your order in, though. The Zag Shop says the limited time tees are selling quick!