South Hill residents hope for collaboration amid construction boom

SPOKANE, Wash. - Residents are facing a development boom on Spokane's South Hill with hopes that both city and county leaders will collaborate to minimize growing pains in the area.

Spokane County recently issued permits for two new apartment buildings and a few garages at Hilby Station Apartments. The permits filed reveal the buildings will be four stories high with 32 units in each building. 

Ted Teske has kept a finger on his neighborhood's pulse for years, tracking what's here now and what's ahead. He's the Southgate Neighborhood Council Co-Chair. 

"The big concern is traffic...because, again, the roads around here on the fringe of the city and the county don't have a lot of other options for people to get around, so it basically forces the new residents to be in their car and drive to wherever they're going," Teske said. 

Teske said he wants to see city and county leaders do a better job of collaborating to move toward this neighborhood's goals. 

"The big vision is just a place that people want to live in and spend time in, you know, that you can feel comfortable walking to wherever you need to go. It's convenient, and it's safe, and it's a place that you want to have your kids go to school in," Teske said.