South Hill dog park dilemma: City and pet owners discuss solutions

SPOKANE, Wash. - The future of one of Spokane's most popular dog parks is being discussed, causing concern for pet owners. 

If voters approve a bond this November, a new middle school will be built next to Mullan Road Elementary on East 63rd Street - replacing a 14 acre dog park used by hundreds of pets every week.

"I consider it to be a people park where we get to bring out dogs," said David Delong, who also serves as a board member for the dog park. "On a busy afternoon the parking lot will be full and we'll have 100 people, maybe 150 people in here," Delong said.

Rumors of the new school have spread like fleas, and pet owners have been hounding the city to save the park. Their voices were heard.

Delong attended a meeting last week with the City and Spokane Public Schools.

"They had put a lot of work into designing how to preserve as much of the dog park property as we could," Delong said.

Nothing is set in stone, but one design many pet owners sided with would keep the northwest corner of the park as it is, then extend it south onto neighboring property also owned by the City of Spokane. A new parking lot would hold about 50 cars. Delong said the new park would be between 10-12 acres in size.

"I absolutely believe that the city is interested and sincere in their efforts and I think the school district is too," Delong said.


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