Social media school shooting threat likely a hoax

SPOKANE, Wash. - A social media post threatening of a school shooting Friday is likely a hoax, according to an article published by the Bellingham Herald Thursday. 

kxly4 has received multiple messages from concerned parents regarding a Facebook post from a "Ray Andres" which threatens a school shooting at an 'SHS' in Spokane. However, police in Bellingham, Wash. say that this is likely a hoax, as the same messages circulated in Whatcom County on Thursday.

“We encourage staff and families to reassure students that this post is a hoax and that their safety is our top priority,” said Bellingham School District Superintendent Greg Baker. He added that Bellingham Police investigated and determined there was no credible threat. “We understand that this post comes at a particularly sensitive time for students in the wake of the shooting last week in Parkland, Florida.”

Bellingham Police believe the post, which has been widely reported and circulated around different parts of Washington State, originated in another state, possibly Ohio.