Snoqualmie Pass has received 102 inches of snow this month alone

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. - If you think your backyard has a lot of snow, just be glad you don't live on the pass! Snoqualmie Pass has seen 102 inches of snow since February 4. (It did not snow at all from the 1st to the 3rd.)

That's 8.5 feet of snow. 

While this snowfall is well above average for the month of February, it's far from unprecedented. 

On average, Snoqualmie gets 73.3 inches in February. But a few years ago in 2014, it snowed 125 inches. Back in 1956, the highest number on record, 169 inches (14.1 feet!) fell over the month of February alone.

With more than a week left in the month and more snow expected, February 2019 could climb the ranks among the snowy Februarys on the pass, but it will likely not crack the top 5, listed below:

  1. 1956: 169"
  2. 1999: 164"
  3. 1954: 145" tied with 1990: 145"
  4. 1979: 141"
  5. 1974: 139"
  6. 2014: 125"

To see the data for yourself, look here. This month's daily snowfall totals can be found here.


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