Silverwood set to open for season on Saturday

ATHOL, Idaho - Silverwood Theme Park will open for the summer season on Saturday! 

The theme park will be open only on weekends through the last week of May, when the park starts opening on Mondays and Thursdays, as well. The park will be open every day of the week starting on June 10. 

Boulder Beach will open for the season on June 8, once the weather gets a bit warmer. 

The park is hosting several events through thoughout the season including Toyota Tuesdays and classic car shows. 

In September, Silverwood will host the Golden Ticket Awards; it is like the Oscars for theme park entertainment. All major parks will visit North Idaho to see what Silverwood has to offer. All summer long, Silverwood will be stepping up its entertainment in preparation.

This weekend, the park will have tickets for $19.88 to celebrate "Anniversary Weekend." Thirty one years ago, the park opened for the first time. Get your hands on tickets here. You can also purchase them at the park. 

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