Shadle Park High School students organize a women's march on International Women's Day

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thursday is International Women's Day, and to celebrate, Shadle Park High School held a Women's March before school.

The group of about 50 students gathered before class and marched through the neighborhood near SPHS to "promote equality, love and respect."

The group says the administration was supportive of the event, and the students organized it to showcase that Shadle is a safe place where people can feel equal and respected.

"We thought that a Women's March would be a perfect way to promote fairness," said senior Sophia Votava. "We were really inspired by history and all the rights women have already gained, and we want to celebrate those achievements and promote further respect and fairness toward women."

The group says March is "Fairness Month" at Shadle Park, and this march was a good way to combine that with International Women's Day.