Santa and Big Table hand out cash on Christmas Day

Santa and Big Table hand out cash on...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Each year on Christmas Day - it's easy to get wrapped up in our own personal schedules.  So easy - that we forget about those who have to work on the holiday. 

Fortunately - Santa didn't forget Monday. 

With help from his friends at Big Table - an organization that supports those working in the restaurant and hospitality industry - St. Nick surprised employees with candy canes and $20

"These are folks that sometimes have it kinda hard at Christmas," said Santa outside of Panda Express in north Spokane.   "The good folks you've seen here - they come to work. While everyone else is with their family they give up their day to serve." 

While Santa hit several fast food spots this morning; Big Table brought Christmas cheer to employees of 34 restaurants in Spokane and Spokane Valley on Christmas Eve and Christmas.  All in all, volunteers handed out nearly $7,000 in the process. 

"It's just really nice to know that somebody out there actually cares," said Jesse Dlomgren, a Jack in the Box employee.  "You have a lot of people come through and it's just another day to them. So it's nice that people can still care on Christmas." 

40% of the money came from Big Table, while 60% came from volunteers like Santa - who gave up a portion of their holiday to bring a few smiles to strangers.

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