Rock smashes through driver's back window in North Spokane

Rock smashes through driver's window

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane driver was ambushed on N. Ash St. Wednesday night. 

"All the sudden the back window just explodes," said Jeff Fry. 

Jeff Fry showed KXLY the fist sized rock thrown through his car window as he drove home.
Fry says he's ok but it could have been a lot worse and it's possible he wasn't the only one targeted Wednesday night.

The rock crashed through his window where N Ash curves around Drumheller Springs Park near W Euclid in north Spokane.

Fry says he's going to leave the glass in the back seat of the car until someone can come out and fix the window. The rock was also still on the floor in the back seat when he showed the damage to KXLY. Fry says he's lucky he made it home and thinks it was someone in the park that threw the fist sized stone. 

"It could have hurt me really bad if it had been through the front window. As it was, I got hit by a couple pieces of glass off of it because it was through the back," said Fry.

Fry says he saw on Facebook that another driver had a rock go through their windshield in the same area that night. He called Crime Check and they told him an officer would check it out.