Rising Spokane River causes problems in east Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash - While Monday marked the first day of spring, there was an early morning reminder that road conditions aren't as ideal as you'd expect.
It was just before dawn when a silver Jeep Liberty traveling west on Upriver Drive hit a patch of black ice and flipped into the rushing Spokane River.  Fortunately, the driver mad it out unhurt; unfortunately, black ice wasn't the biggest issue on Upriver Drive Monday.
Several hundred yards west of the accident, a long stretch of the road was closed due to an overflowing Spokane River.  The rising water is a huge inconvenience for the people who live on this stretch, specifically those who reside in the Brookside Apartments.  The apartment building's only access point is currently under about a foot of water. 
"Yesterday, it was just a little thing there," claimed Brookside resident Jesse Brannon, motioning to the south shoulder of the road.  "Then today I woke up and it was just full."
From the Brookside parking lot entrance, it's hard to see where the river is supposed to end and where the road begins.  The centennial trail - normally a border between the arterial and the river - has been completely swallowed.  The circumstances of the flood leave Jesse and his neighbors with the choice of staying home or risking damage to their cars.
"I was kind of apprehensive to drive through it," said Brannon. "My kid's gotta [sic] get to school, I gotta [sic] get to the store. There are things I gotta [sic] do."