Record early snowfall hits Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - The fall leaves and pumpkins weren't the only ones caught off-guard by the winter wonderland we woke up to this morning.

“The phone's are ringing off the hook,” says Affordable Tires' Kevin King

Business at Affordable Tires has been booming since the start of snow tire season November 1st thanks to a snowy forecast.

King says, “we've probably done 250-300 cars in that 4-day period.

Today when they opened for business a few spaces were still available, but as Spokane woke up its been nothing short of madness.

“Everyone needs them now. We've got like 40 cars out there right now and everyone is waiting to get their tires put on,” shares King.

So who was ready for the early snowfall? The City of Spokane says they were.

Spokesperson Brian Coddington shared, “we've been working for quite some time to get the equipment ready to go, trucks all tested and fitted and lots of driver trainings as well.”

Coddington says deicing started before any snow fell and plows cleared some of the 750 miles of main roads used for bus and hospital routes all day long.

“For residential, the plan is that we work those Monday through Friday, during regular shifts unless we get to a snow depth where the Streets' Director feels the need to call for an all-city plow. In that case we'd go to a 24-hour plow of continuous activity that would clear every street in the city,” explains Coddington.

If you couldn't get that coveted tire change appointment give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go as temperatures drop this evening, and could make for an icy commute tomorrow.

King advises, “slow it down until you're comfortable. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there as long as you get there.”

The City says street directors will continue monitoring roads in to the evening.

If you have a concern about a road near you, be sure to call 3-1-1 or the snow hotline at (509) 625-7737.