Future "uncertain" for Pullman's beloved Cougar Country

PULLMAN, Wash - A beloved Pullman institution could be closing its doors.

An employee at Cougar Country Drive-In confirmed to KXLY Friday that the future of the restaurant is uncertain. He said they'd be open tomorrow, but couldn't say beyond that what was going to happen.

Employees at Cougar Country are being informed about the situation Friday afternoon, but the employee did not want to explain what was happening that could lead to the closure.

News of the possible closure spread quickly on Twitter and was met with sadness by patrons of the classic drive-in. 

He said there are things in the works that could provide some solutions before the end of the weekend, that some options are on the table and that people are trying to help.

The owner of Cougar Country said on Facebook Friday that Cougar Country is not closing and that "Cougar Country is alive and well." 

Cougar Country is beloved in Pullman. It opened in 1973 and is a favorite spot for Cougar fans and Pullman residents.

We'll update you with more information as we get it.