Proposed bill would require proof of insurance when renewing car tabs

OLYMPIA, Wash. - If some Washington state lawmakers have their way, drivers could soon be required to show proof of insurance when renewing car tabs.

Senate Bill 5924 was introduced into the state senate and has the support of 17 senators.

The fine for driving without liability insurance in Washington is $550, but Spokane officer John O'Brien said many drivers still choose to roll the dice.

"In 2018, we wrote nearly 2,948 insurance tickets, and that's just the drivers we're stopping," O'Brien said. "How many more are not carrying liability coverage that aren't getting stopped?"

Brooke Rogers ws driving in north Spokane in January, crossing the intersection of Alberta and Garland when a young driver blew through a red light. The collision dented and twisted her bumper. Rogers said she didn't call police, figuring the damage would only be a few hundred dollars.

"Try to make it easier on him so his insurance rates wouldn't go up," Rogers said. She later discovered the driver had given her an expired policy number and fake address. Rogers said she hopes the bill passes.

"I think it would be a good thing because I'm insured and I know t's hard when you're doing liability and you don't make a lot of money and you expect everybody out there to do the same that you're doing for them."

The bill still has a few hurdles to clear before landing on Governor Inslee's desk.




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