Prohibition Gastropub celebrates their largest donation ever with 'Bees Knees' fundraiser

Prohibition Gastropub has been giving customers the chance to give back to local charities when they dine with them  for a year now. When construction outside their North Monroe location began in the spring, though, they decided to take their 'bees knees' effort up a notch.

“Bees Knees meant 'an extraordinary thing' during the Prohibition-era,” explained owner Jill Leonetti 

In addition to being able to add $5 to their dinner check, customers can also purchase items from the chosen charities' wish list. Prohibition Gastropub then makes a catered meal and serves it to the organization. 

Wednesday their August fundraising went to the Union Gospel Mission Crisis Center for Women and Children. Chef John Leonetti arrived early to get a meal of pasta, salad and cheesy bread ready but it almost didn't happen.

“So this morning our walk-in went out for the second time in 3 months and we lost a couple thousand dollars worth of food,” shared Jill.

The owners brought in reinforcements to pack their truck with donations and get the lunch ready. Their hard work did not go unnoticed. 

“This is just a tremendous moral booster!  We don't have a lot of restaurants that are willing to step in and treat us to a lunch, let alone a donation that they've been collecting all month long,” said Diane Hutton, director of Union Gospel Mission Crisis Center for Women and Children.

The center currently has over 100 women and children sleeping there every night. Most lined up early to get a plate of the warm meal, including Johanna Goodwin.

“It makes me specifically feel like I'm not forgotten,” said Goodwin.

This was the first time the Leonetti's had the chance to serve the meal they prepared, and meet with some of the people they were helping. Talking to the women so appreciative of the little luxuries they provided made their issues back at the restaurant feel small.

“It just puts everything in to perspective. For us to be here and serving the meal. We have nothing to be worried about,” said Leonetti.