Police shut down nuisance home in east central Spokane

Police shut down nuisance home in...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Christmas came a few days early for neighbors on East Hartson after a home known for drugs, stolen property, and prostitution was shut down.

Neighbors say garbage and junk has been piling up on the property located on the 4000 block of Hartson since the homeowner died. Police say a family member took over the property and turned it into a drug den. Since then, neighbors have been living in fear. They say random cars and people come and go at all hours, and the problem was getting worse. 

"It's wonderful, we just got back from court and the officers were already here boarding this up," said neighbor Brian Mills. "It's a wonderful feeling. People don't feel safe."

According to police, the home doesn't have any running water. The person living inside was given months to clean up his property but police say he chose to continue to be a problem.