Police searching for three involved in marijuana shop abduction

CHENEY, Wash. - UPDATE: The victim has been identified as 46-year-old Cameron Smith. He was last seen wearing a Lucid baseball-style hat, and a matching shirt. Police say he is from Ohio and recently moved to Cheney.

Previous Story:

At around 12:45 pm on Sunday, the Cheney Police Department responded to a report of shots fired at the Lucid Cannabis retail store in Cheney. 

According to the investigation so far, one man and two women arrived at the shop in a white pickup truck.

The man entered the shop, but did not have an ID and was turned away. One of the women in the truck entered the store after him but was underage and was also turned away.

The two women drove away in the truck, but the man stayed behind in the parking lot. After seeing a Lucid Cannabis employee sitting in his car eating lunch, the man drew a weapon and fired two shots into the driver side window of the vehicle.

The suspect took off in the vehicle with the victim inside it. The vehicle is a 2008 grey Acura SUV with the license plate: BSV4296.

The male suspect is Native American, about 5'9-10”, and approx. 230 lbs. He has tattoos on his face, neck, and arms and was wearing a a Chicago Bulls baseball cap.

The woman who entered the store was also Native American, but was younger and shorter (about 5' 2”) and approx. 130 lbs. She was wearing a blue shirt and has brown hair.

The third woman was unidentifiable.

Cheney Police Department Captain Rick Beghtol said do not confront these people if you see them.

"First of all, these people are armed and dangerous, for sure. They just shot at an unarmed person sitting in their car. If you happen to see the vehicles that I have described, call local law enforcement and we'll come out and check it out," Beghtol said.  

Beghtol said multiple agencies across the state have been notified of the incident and are on alert. 

"We have put out attempt to locates all across Eastern Washington, from here to Yakima. I believe that is where the suspects are from. So all the police agencies from here to there have been notified and hopefully we'll turn up some leads," Beghtol said.