Pitbull Awareness Day is a bittersweet day for Spokane Humane Society

SPOKANE, Wash. - Pit bulls don't seem to get much love these days, compared to all the others out there.

The Spokane Humane Society, however, made sure they'd get the pups their due recognition during National Pitbull Awareness Day over the weekend.

The shelter even had shirts made to show their support for pitbulls and their different mixes.

Currently, they have more than five pit mixes at the shelter. A spokesperson said that some of them need work – but these dogs are frequently misunderstood. She believes that people judge them based on how they look.

"There [are] so many pitbulls that we get into the shelter, that people give up on too easily," said shelter technician Shelby Horne. "They don't realize how big they are, they get a bad rap. We're here to give them comfort when people give up on them."

The Humane Society just wants people to know that these dogs are not the violent animals they are commonly portrayed to be.