Photographers flock to Oregon for solar eclipse

Photographers flock to Oregon for...

Baker City, Ore. - Renowned landscape photographer Gary Randall has gathered photographers from around the western United States at the Dead Ox Rance outside of Baker City, Oregon.

"We just get excited about this stuff," Randall said. "It's what we live for."

They've been practicing and preparing to capture images of the eclipse and for that precious minute of totality.

"We went through this morning and through a routine where everything is timed out so we're structured so when the time comes, we know just what to do," Randall said. 

Josh Burdick made the drive from Spokane with his dad Ron and son Jacob. They brought six different cameras with them, a mobile app to guide them through totality, and high expectations of pictures worth a thousand words. 

"That way we always have it to look back on," Burdick said. "We get all three generations getting to see the whole thing. It will be fun."

The pictures -- no doubt -- will be amazing, but Spokane photographer Alan Birdsell says there's somethign else important to remember for Monday's eclipse. 

"Take a minute to stop and enjoy everything," Birdsell said.