Parents concerned new children's movie makes light of allergies

A new children's movie has found itself in the middle of a controversy over a scene that depicts Peter Rabbit and his friends attacking their arch nemesis with blackberries.

The scene shows Mr. McGregor, a human, choking when one is thrown into his mouth. He then has to inject himself with an EpiPen.

Parents of children with life-threatening food allergies are saying it's not funny.

The hashtag Boycott Peter Rabbit is now trending, and doctors worry if kids see this movie, they'll learn it's okay to mess with food allergies.
“As far as a true food allergy goes, that's life and death,” said Dr. Steven Kernerman with the Spokane allergy and asthma clinic.

Sony Pictures has issued an apology, saying “we sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue, and we truly apologize.”

Doctors say if you still want to take your kids to the movie, start a conversation with them beforehand, reminding them that food allergies are no joke.