Older folks smoking more weed

Many in their golden years turn to marijuana

A new study shows that Baby Boomers who use marijuana seem to be doing so more often than in previous years. A new study finds that almost 6 percent of those surveyed, ages 50 to 64, said they'd used marijuana in the past month. The drug is also gaining popularity among people in their 70s and 80s.

The study was published by the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence this month.

The analysis comes from information obtained in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2015 and 2016. About 9 percent of U.S. adults between ages 50 and 64 used marijuana in the the previous year, according to results. Three percent of people over 65 used the drug in that time period.

In 2013, the same survey showed that 7 percent of middle-aged Americans used marijuana in the previous year, and only 1.4 percent of people over 65.

Laws allowing marijuana use have become more permissive in many states, and experts say it appears many people are giving the drug a try, either for fun or in an effort to relieve pain.


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