Officials investigate officer-involved shooting in Cheney

CHENEY, Wash. - Mitchell's Harvest Foods in Cheney was shut down all of Tuesday morning as officials worked to investigate a shooting late Monday night involving three Cheney Police officers that cost one man his life.

Cheney Police and Eastern Washington University Police responded to the store around 11:40 p.m. Monday on the report of a disorderly person. There they found a man armed with a knife. According to police, the man began to act aggressively and refused to drop his weapon. Three Cheney officers fired their weapons, killing the man.

"There was first aid immediately given to him, and he was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene," said Cheney Police Cpt. Richard Beghtol. 

Inside Mitchell's Harvest Foods, employee Rebecca Pettingill witnessed the fatal shooting. 

"I saw cops, they had their hands out in front of them with (their) guns and I was like 'Oh man, that's guns.' Those were guns," Pettingill said Tuesday morning. 

"My coworker was like 'I just got shot at,' and I was like 'what are you talking about?'  We looked up and she pointed at it and there was a hole in the wall.  We were like 'what?'  We didn't know where the bullet went initially but we noticed it was in the ceiling so it had jutted upwards, but it was like right above where she had been standing," said Pettingill.

No officers were hurt in the shooting. Investigators had the parking lots of portions of the surrounding streets closed while they surveyed the scene overnight. The three Cheney officers who fired their weapons are now on paid administrative leave.


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