Obermiller trial verdict reached

SPOKANE, Wash. - The man on trial for the murder of a two-year-old Spokane girl was found not guilty of second degree murder.

On Wednesday, all of the jurors confirmed their verdict. Jason Obermiller was unanimously found not guilty of killing Adaylnn Hoyt after the jury deliberated for more than a day.

Spokane's medical examiner said two year-old Adalynn Hoyt was beaten to death.

Obermiller was a former boyfriend of Adaylnn's mother, Lovina Rainey.

The defense said during the trial, there was no physical evidence and no eye witness that link Obermiller to Adalynn's death.

One of Obermiller's defense attorneys, Brian Raymon, said Wednesday he thinks the jury made the right decision.

"I would hope the county will take a really strong look at this and go back and look at several other individuals we've talked about throughout the trial, and see if there is evidence it may have happened from somebody else," Raymon said.

"That was always our theory of the case, that Jason was not there based upon the time line and that Adalynn was murdered sometime in the morning."

Raymon said this case has been emotional and overwhelming for everyone involved, including the attorneys and detectives.

Obermiller still faces drug distribution charges.