Nez Perce County Sheriff Deputies handle 3 cases in 10 days

NEZ PERCE COUNTY, Idaho - In the last few weeks, Nez Perce County Sheriff Deputies have handled three felony cases that have various people facing charges. These cases were separate incidents and did not have any relation between them.

On November 6, Nez Perce County Sheriff Deputies served a search warrant in the 700 block of Bryden Ave in Lewiston, Idaho. Deputies had learned that a former employee, Maxwell Pointon of Lewiston, had property in his possession from various former employers. Pointon scrapped a large quantity of copper wire from one former employer as well as possessed stolen items from another employer at his residence. Ultimately, Pointon was booked into the Nez Perce County Jail for Grand Theft.

On November 13, a Nez Perce County Sheriff Deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle speeding on Snake River Avenue by County Club Drive. The driver, Randy Dickinson of Lewiston, admitted he had marijuana in his possession and was traveling from California to Lewiston. A search of the vehicle yielded approximately 2.45 pounds of marijuana. Dickinson was booked into the Nez Perce County Jail for Trafficking in Marijuana.

On November 15, Nez Perce County Sheriff Deputies, with Nez Perce Tribal Police, responded to a domestic dispute between family member in the 200 block of Ash Avenue in Lapwai, Idaho. Upon arrival, one person was cited for assault. However, deputies learned the property was being used to grow marijuana. A search warrant was granted and deputies, with assistance from Idaho State Police, located approximately 2.9 pounds of marijuana in mason jars and containers, and several live/drying plants. Charges are pending.