New University to open on Moody Bible Institute campus, hosts community fundraiser

SPOKANE, Wash. - Great Northern University is getting ready to open its doors to the Spokane community. 

On November 8, 2017, Moody Bible Institute announced it would close the Spokane campus. It was following this announcement that faculty began planning for the opening of a brand new institution, Great Northern University, in that same area. 

The University is currently in the State Approval process, and once approved, will begin recruiting and accepting students. 

Great Northern hopes to continue the legacy of Christian Higher Education in the 2018 Fall semester. 

The University will hold a fundraiser Friday, June 29. The community is invited to purchase a $100 cheeseburger to support the institution's funding goals. 

To learn more about Great Northern as well as ways to donate, visit the University's website

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