Neighbors determined to catch serial cat killer set up watch groups

LACEY, Wash. - Neighbors in Lacey have come up with a game plan to help investigators stop an active cat killer by canvassing different areas around their community.

"It's interrupted people's lives," said Jason Cox, a member of the vigilante watch group that was set up over the weekend. 

13 cats have been mutilated in the middle of the night and displayed in similar ways around the Lacey community since January. The killer has picked up the pace recently by killing five cats in the last two weeks. 

"I know my neighbors are scared. I know my family members are scared. I feel like it's one step away from being a human and that freaks me out," said Jennifer Beausoleil, another member of the watch group. 

Detectives have formed a task force surrounding all areas where the cats have turned up dead. There is a $36,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the killer.