Mt. Spokane High School principal clears up rumors about possible threat to school

MEAD, Wash. - The principal of Mt. Spokane High School sent an email to parents Monday morning concerning rumors of a possible threat to the school. No credible threat has been identified.

Dear Mt. Spokane High School community, 

Late last night, and then again early this morning, rumors have spread about a possible threat to our high school. These rumors have been communicated to me from parents and students, and I wanted to send a clear message this morning regarding these rumors. 

The student at the center of these rumors was identified, and our administrative team has been in communication with this family, and others, specific to any rumors of a threat to Mt. Spokane High School. 

Through these discussions I feel confident to state that any rumor of a threat is just that: a rumor. I am very appreciative of our students and families who reached out to communicate their concerns. Truly, this models the hope of "see or hear something - say something" perfectly. 

If any further information comes forward I will be sure to communicate as quickly as I can. 

Most sincerely, 
Darren Nelson


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