May I Have a Minute? Spokane mayoral candidates answer your questions... and a few others

SPOKANE, Wash. - Over the past several months, the five candidates vying to be Spokane’s next mayor have been vocal about what they hope to bring to the position. Homelessness, public safety and housing are just a few of the major issues they hope to address if elected. 

Spokane voters will cast their primary ballots by Tuesday, August 6. From there, the top two candidates will move forward to the November general election. 

4 News Now asked the community for a handful of questions they hoped the candidates would answer. The questions cover a wide-range of issues, from the relocation of sex offenders to Spokane to resources for those struggling with mental illness. 

While the tough questions need to be asked, we here at 4 News Now also wanted ask the candidates a series of silly, informal questions to get to know them on a more personal level. Those questions and their answers are listed below, written in their own handwriting. 

We also had the candidates give their one-minute pitch: explaining who they are, what issues are important to them and why they would like your vote. 

Kelly Cruz: 

Kelly Cruz Answers by Erin Robinson on Scribd

Ben Stuckart: 

Ben Stuckart Answers by Erin Robinson on Scribd

Nadine Woodward: 

Nadine Woodward Answers by Erin Robinson on Scribd

Jonathan Bingle: 

Jonathan Bingle Answers by Erin Robinson on Scribd

Shawn Poole: 

Shawn Poole Answers by Erin Robinson on Scribd

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