Marathon runners attacked by aggressive buck

DAVENPORT, Wash. - During a marathon hosted by Porcupine Bay in Davenport, WA on Sunday, two men were hurt after an aggressive buck attacked them.

On Monday, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police reported the incident on their Facebook Page.

Officer Wood received a report from a man who was participating in the marathon. The man stated that a mule deer buck had entered the roadway where people were running.

The buck acted in an aggressive manner and began chasing some of the runners.

Two men who were manning a water station tried to chase the buck away, but it turned and began attacking them.

Both men were gored by the animal; one on the hand, the other on the leg.

The buck was shot and a local hunter was allowed to tag and take the deer.

Both injured men had to seek medical treatment at the Davenport Hospital.