Man gets ride from cops, returns, fights and gets tased

MOSES LAKE, Wash. - Late Thursday night Moses Lake Police responded to a home in the 700 block of Grand Drive for an argument over a child.

When officers arrived, they contacted Noe Alvarez, 22, of Moses Lake.

Investigators said Alvarez was intoxicated and arguing with his ex-girlfriend about him trying to take their one-year old child.  Alvarez repeatedly told officers he wanted to go to jail, and kept asking what he needed to do to get arrested, even offering to assault an officer if necessary.

Alvarez had not committed a crime, so he was not arrested. After he calmed down, officers gave him a ride to another location at his request. Alvarez seemed grateful, even hugging the officer that gave him a ride.

However, police said it did not take Alvarez long to prove that he really wanted to go to jail. 

According to police, he arrived back at his ex-girlfriend’s house shortly after midnight. illegally entered the residence, and began to fight two of his ex-girlfriend’s brothers, who had come to the house after the first incident.

When police arrived, Alvarez and the ex-girlfriend’s 23-year old brother were exchanging punches. When officers commanded them to stop, the brother stopped fighting. Alvarez, however, continued to attack the brother, landing a couple of punches before being hit with the Taser and dropping to the ground.

He was quickly taken into custody.

Alvarez was not injured by the Taser, but was treated on scene for injuries received in the fight with his ex-girlfriend’s brother.

Alvarez was booked into the Grant County Jail on charges of Residential Burglary and Assault 4th degree.