Man arrested for assaulting toddler

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash - Spokane Valley Sheriff's deputies arrested a man for the suspected assault of his girlfriend's 21-month old daughter.

Sunday, the Spokane Valley Fire department was called to an apartment on the 2800 block of North Cherry for reports of a child having a seizure. They found a large bruise on the child's head and other bruises on her body. They reported that information to deputies.

Detectives say 22-year old Brandon Oquendo was watching the child while her mother was at work. He told investigators initially that the child was hurt during "rough play" with her son and a fall at the playground in the last several days.

The medical staff said it was more likely the child suffered a brain injury earlier that day. The medical staff also said the other bruises appeared to be recent and were caused by abuse, not an accident.

Spokane Valley major crimes detectives interviewed Oquendo again at the hospital. According to a news release, "Oquendo admitted he was watching his girlfriend's daughter while she was at work. During the evening, he lost control and struck the child."

The little girl was admitted to the pediatric ICU with what the sheriff's office describes as "possible life-threatening injuries."

Oquendo was booked into the Spokane County Jail for assault in the child in the first degree.