Lumberbeard Brewing coming soon to take Spokane by storm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Being welcomed and cared for seem to be two things people want to feel throughout their life. Well that search is over as Lumberbeard Brewing makes its way to Spokane soon.

According to its website, Lumberbeard Brewing is committed to making amazing beer while striving to create a community where everyone feels welcomed, cared for, and can find a beer that they love.

President and Head Brewer, Bret Gordon, fell in love with the craft of brewing beer and wanted to be a professional brewer some day.

However, after earning a degree in economics from the University of Colorado and pursuing a career in finance, Bret knew sitting at a desk all day was not for him.

His passion for beer led him back to school to earn a Professional Brewing Certificate at the University of San Diego. 

Gordon and his family moved to Spokane to open his own brewery after working as a professional brewer for several years.

"The beer scene in Spokane is definitely up and coming," said Gordon. 

Lumberbeard Brewing was founded in 2018 and was named after Gordon's Instagram handle when he was 19 years-old, Lumberbeard.

Fitting the Spokane aesthetic, Lumberbeard Brewing hopes to open before Thanksgiving located on 25 E. 3rd Ave.