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WSU Greek social events banned until 2017

PULLMAN, Wash. - Fraternities and sororities at Washington State University have called a voluntary time out on large scale partying.

On Monday, students from the interfraternity and panhellenic councils ordered a self imposed ban on all social events that could involve alcohol.

The moratorium is having a sobering impact on campus activities.

Sororities and fraternities at WSU have essentially checked themselves into rehab and plan to spend the next five weeks reevaluating how to find a balance between fun, safe partying, and the more traditional values of the greek system."

The blend of booze and college life exists on almost any campus and is certainly not just limited to the greek community.

But at WSU, fraternities are often ground zero for the bad things that can happen when young people over indulge.

Nick Swaab, WSU interfraternity council member explained, "hospitalization visits, there's been a rise in that, sexual assaults, and rapes and that cannot continue to happen."

And that's why the student-led greek council voted unanimously to ban upcoming social events like the winter formal and open frat parties.

"It's going back to the ideals each chapter was founded on, and the ideals of the greek community. So community service, scholarship, programming, all that good stuff that makes a greek community shine in a positive light," said Swaab.

The council is also calling for students to do a better job of taking care of each other on big party nights, and not exploiting someone who is not capable of taking care of themselves.

Swaab explained that the temporary ban aims to create even more of a 'cougs helping cougs' atmosphere on campus.

This self imposed moratorium expires January 9th, but even after that, fraternities and sororities have to provide their respective councils with a check list of the steps that will be taken to prevent partying from reaching dangerous levels again.