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World's biggest bounce house arrives in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - The world's biggest bounce house has arrived in Spokane.

The gigantic 10,000 square foot castle is making its way across the United States. Its last stop is in Boise, Idaho. After Spokane, it's headed to Portland.

Crowds across the nation are loving the rather peculiar attraction.

“The reaction has been kind of what you expect from people when you tell them about the world's biggest bounce house,” said co-founder Graham Ferguson. “Everybody just wants to come down, they want to experience it, and they want to have fun.”

The castle can safely hold 200 bouncers. You can reserve time online by the hour. Ferguson says anything more than an hour, can be a little much.

“An hour is more than enough,” Ferguson said. “Especially in the heat of the summer in the height of these temperatures.”

You can check out the world's largest bounce house at the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex through Sunday.

It's available for kids and adults. There is even an adults only time slot each evening. You can find more details here.