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Woman's laptop with memories of deceased son stolen

Woman's laptop with memories of...

A woman whose son only lived for 28 days pleads for the laptop containing her pictures and memories of him to be returned.

When Jamie Bradshaw gave birth to her son Deidric in 2014, she thought his life was only beginning.

"He was real responsive to our voice, and whenever we would talk to him, his eyes would open," said Bradshaw.

Deidric was born with severe scoliosis, and several other life-threatening issues.

"We knew there was a chance that he might not make it, so we went crazy with our photos and videos," said Bradshaw. "We wanted as much of him as we could have."

Jamie and her family only had 28 days with Deidric, who died in her arms. Jamie lost her son, and now irreplaceable memories of him.

"When all of this was going on, we didn't think to back up any pictures," she said.

Many of the photos and videos taken of her son ended up on a laptop which is now missing. It was last seen in Jamie's living room in a home she shares with five others.

"They all knew that laptop had irreplaceable memories on it, so I don't think anyone would take that from me," she said.

The laptop is an HP G60 with a broken CD drive. Jamie said it's worth about $20. She has searched her home several times, with no luck.

"There are memories that you cannot replace. My son is not here anymore, and I cannot make any more memories with him."